Caring for the future

People have been leaving gifts to their church in their Wills for centuries. Often, these gifts are transformational – helping to build new churches (or restore existing ones), train clergy, fund youth and outreach ministries and generally contribute to the unfolding Christian story throughout the world.

Leaving a bequest is one of the easiest and most satisfying ways of supporting your church. You give away none of your money now; only when you no longer need it yourself is it put to work in the service of God's work on earth.

Types of bequest
There are many different types of bequest, allowing you to choose the option most suited to your circumstances. For example, you may choose to bequeath

  • A specific sum of money
  • A percentage of your estate
  • The residue, or a percentage of the residue, of your estate (the part that is left after all other obligations and bequests have been paid)
  • Assets or specific items, such as your home, stocks & shares, motor vehicle, boat, jewellery, etc.
  • The proceeds of a life insurance policy

If you are leaving a bequest to a specific church, it's best to make an unrestricted gift. This allows for the gift to be used wherever the need is greatest at that time. Such a gift can also lead to considerable savings in estate duty, since gifts to your church or other public benefit organisations are usually tax deductible.

To ensure the correct legal wording is used, and the most appropriate form of bequest is chosen, it's best to seek the advice of a suitably qualified professional – your lawyer, banker or whoever holds your current Will.

If you do decide to leave a bequest to the Diocese, your parish or church, please let us know. We value the opportunity to thank you personally and plan with you how best the gift might be put to work.



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